Innovative Lithium Extraction Technique, Summary of Testing

Kelowna, BC—Enertopia Corporation (ENRT) on the OTCQB and (TOP) on the CSE (the “Company” or “Enertopia”) is pleased to announce the following synthetic lithium brine testing update for the recovery of Lithium compounds by our technology partner, Genesis Water Technologies Inc. (GWT), a leader in specialized water treatment solutions.

Over the past several months, GWT designed, built and tested a bench scale pilot plant to recover
Li2CO3 from synthetic brine solutions created from Enertopia’s Clayton Valley, Nevada project. These synthetic brines were made by dissolving host lithium oxide surface rock in distilled water
acidified with HCL or by using a distilled water solution raised to Ph 10.5 to Ph 11.0 by addition of NaOH.

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