Enertopia is focused on building shareholder value through a combination of our Nevada Lithium claim and intellectual property & patents in the green technology space.


Enertopia’s lithium claim; the 1,760 acre West Tonopah Project, is located in the far western portion of Nevada near the town of Tonopah.
The Company acquired a land position by staking 88 lode mining claims (the MS claims). The land package covers 1,760 acres of ground in the Big Smoky Valley of Nevada.
Areas of the project have Li claystone outcrops were primarily light greenish exposures of claystone with other areas of surface volcaniclastic deposits. Large areas of the project are under Desert pediment cover that is currently estimated at a few feet to 10’s of feet.

West Tonopah Lithium Project

Staked in December of 2021, the claims cover a total of 1,760 acres, and are located less than 4 miles west of Tonopah, NV in the Big Smoky Valley.  

The Company acquired the land position by staking 88 lode mining claims (the MS claims). Respective payments have been made to the County and BLM for the year ending August 31, 2022.  Enertopia proudly owns 100% of the project, with no royalties payable.

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