Enertopia Announces Royalty Sale

KELOWNA, B.C., Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Enertopia Corporation (OTCQB: ENRT) on the OTC (the “Company” or “Enertopia”) is pleased to announce the Company has concluded a Royalty agreement contract.

The Company has signed a 1% Royalty agreement with respect to any future commercial lithium production from the Company’s Clayton Valley, Nevada claims in exchange for $250,000 USD. The Company is extremely pleased that it has completed this non-dilutive $250,000 USD financing in its next step to move the Company endeavor’s forward.

The Company has a right of first refusal to repurchase the royalty upon any proposed sale by the royalty holder to a third party. There is no affiliate relationship between the Company and the royalty holder. This concludes our Royalty sale program for 2020 whereby the Company has raised a total of $450,000 USD with no dilution to the shareholders of the Company

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