Provisional Patent #3 The Enertopia Atmospheric Water Generator

KELOWNA, BC, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enertopia Corporation (“Enertopia” or the “Company”) a company focused on building shareholder value through a combination of our Nevada Lithium claims, intellectual property, & patents in the green technology space is pleased to announce the filing of their third provisional patent, the Enertopia Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).

Using the understanding of psychometrics and the physical state of moisture naturally occurring in the atmosphere, Enertopia has developed a method to extract moisture by lowering the temperature in their Heat Extractor™ system to below the dew point of ambient air. Water will form on the outside surfaces and drop to a catch basin for water retention and collection. The AWG is another advancement in the field of solar electric production and beneficial secondary thermodynamic applications.

This technology will be coupled to large solar arrays where efficient PV power will be produced by day and water produced by night and seasonally during the day. Enertopia believes that this approach will significantly increase the ROI of any power project where water shortages exist. Water production costs are projected to be less than that of desalination or reverse osmosis both in first cost and on a per-gallon basis. Arid coastal and seasonally monsoonal areas are particularly favorable.

Worldwide Potential

After running tests at our Tonopah location, we used the data to compare the potential atmospheric water extraction at a number of different solar array installations around the world.

The table below uses the data from four locations. Tonopah, NV which is close to our Clayton Valley Lithium project, is where the data for the first row of column 1 is generated.  We were able to show at maximum production the ability to extract 5,466 gallons of water per hour/MW of solar array. The varying factors in the data are; humidity levels, ambient air temperature, dew point. Column 2 shows the average water extraction per hour/MW of solar array.

The raw data (humidity levels, air temperature, & dew point) used for each location in the table can be found below in the notes.


Max Production per one MW PV gallons of water per hour (1),(2),(4)

Average Production per one MW PV gallons of water per hour (3),(4)














(1) Tonopah based on 3AM local time air temperature 59F, dew point 54F and humidity 83%. Central Valley based on 3AM local time air temperature 65F, dew point 60F and humidity 82%. Abu Dhabi based on 3AM local time air temperature 91F, dew point 86F and humidity 84%. Antofagasta based on 3AM local time air temperature 64F, dew point 59F and humidity 83%.

(2) Estimated net water production per panel 2.46 gal per hour Tonopah, 2.38 gal per hour Central Valley, 4.67 gal per hour Abu Dhabi and 2.41 gal per hour Antofagasta.

(3) Based on yearly average 3 AM air temperatures, dew points and humidity levels for and water production per panel from each location mentioned above.

(4) PV panel size used 80″x 40″ 2,222 panels = 1 MW PV, wind speed assumed 4 mph.

“We recommend all stakeholders visit our website for an updated presentation on the exciting opportunity this next chapter brings as Enertopia continues to move forward,”stated CEO Robert McAllister. “Enertopia has made great strides forward in the last year by continuing to develop our Nevada lithium property, expanding into Green Technology has resulted in several opportunities that we continue to investigate in improving mining and society at the same time.”


We continue to believe that the Lithium hosted claystone deposits in Nevada will become major sources of Lithium production in the 2020s while offering the United States a secure domestic supply of battery-grade Lithium products. We are also excited to see and witness the convergence of several technologies that are changing the very way we produce and consume electrical energy amidst the growing opportunities for a better world.

About Enertopia:

Defines itself as an Environmental Solutions Company focused on using modern technology on extracting lithium and verifying or sourcing other intellectual property in the EV & green technologies to build shareholder value.

Enertopia shares are quoted in the United States under ticker symbol ENRT. For additional information, please visit or call Robert McAllister, the President at 1-888-ENRT201.

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